We love innovation and we pursue excellence

Pertec is a dynamic innovation consultancy, founded in 1998 in Modena. Since then, we devote all our energies to the development of our customers’ innovation projects. We provide multidisciplinary skills, enthusiasm and a sound methodology for increasing the value of our customers’ ideas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our customers’ ideas into successful products, bringing competitiveness to their companies and improving the quality of life in our Society.

To best assist our clients at every stage of their innovation processes, we work to build effective development strategies, to identify sustainable technologies and partners and to boost the exploitation of results in a market perspective.

What we do

Our focus is on creating value for our customers, providing competences and expertise to enhance their innovation processes. We work alongside with our clients, from new product concept, to the engineering and prototyping phase, up to the market uptake. 

To be closest to our clients’ needs, in 2012 we founded Pertec Sistemi Srl, which provides R&D services for the development and industrialization of advanced solutions for control and measurement in industrial processes. Pertec Sistemi sells in-house developed high tech products like microwaves sensors for the measurement of water content in industrial processes.

We believe that the success of a business arises from the dynamic integration of three basic elements:







Pertec offers a comprehensive approach to accompany the enterprise at every stage of its growth process.


Stop talking, start doing: Innovation is about change

Result Driven: Outcomes are the only acceptable achievement

Customer Centred: Your success is Our success

We put people first: Customers and team members.

No Silos: Innovation is a multidisciplinary game played overlooking the dogmas

Reliability: professionalism, dedication and perseverance.