Expertise and partners to prototype and validate your products.

We work with our internal team of engineers and technologists ( ), enhanced by our network of R&D laboratories and engineering & prototyping companies to work with you in the development of your product. Our support goes from the initial feasibility study to the supply of engineered product.

The application areas in which we have worked recently include:

  • Microwave sensors for the measurement of moisture and density in powder and amorphous materials
  • Electrical impedance-based system to monitor drying process in sausages – DRYCHECK Project
  • Optical and optoelectronic devices for the measuring and quality control in industrial processes
  • Systems for laser micromachining of metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Ultrasonic spray for liquids and liquid suspensions
  • Characterization of metal surfaces and polymeric in respect of adhesion properties and permeability
  • Nanomaterials for food and feed applications
  • Biotechnology for food industry
  • Micro combined heat and power systems fuelled with biomass
  • Miniaturized and wearable sensors for health applications